Michael Porta

Cairns, QLD

Shannan has done an amazing job setting up Cabmaster for our company. His no nonsense approach to training and his knowledge of the product is evident in the way our staff transitioned easily from traditional design and fabrication of cabinets to 3D design and CNC machining. The Cabmaster progam has been extremely beneficial to our business and we would recommend this software, with Shannan at the helm installing and training, to anyone looking at upgrading or replacing there existing program.

David Kerr

Woodridge, QLD

When looking to upgrade our 3D software a couple of years ago, we were referred by a colleagueto contact Shannan from CabWize to view the CabMaster software. We not only needed a program toclearly show the customer what the end result would be in 2D & 3D but also give us great working drawings with the ability to export files direct to the CNC plus increased productivity. We did the usual shop around to view other programs but found the CabMaster to be the bestprogram to fit for our growing cabinet making shop.After Shannon’s initial demonstration, he then came back to train our staff on all the aspects of theprogram & then customized CabMaster program to our settings while setting it to run with our CNC. Since the installation we have regularly use the CabMaster the online support & found the teamhelpful & very knowledgeable. We have now done 2 upgrades since installing the program giving us the latest version, keeping us competitive & up to date in the current market place. I would highly recommended Shannon from CabWize & the team from CabMaster software if youare just starting out or thinking of upgrading in the future.

Matt Gopperth

Nerang, QLD

Purchasing Cabmaster is one of those things that after you do it, you wonder how you ever managed without it, It's completely changed the way our business runs and makes jobs run far smoother from start to finish.Having full detailed plans and 3D images not only makes the construction easier for the guys in the workshop but also gives the client a life like image of what they can expect their job to turn out like. Not many quotes get turned down when sent through with plans and 3D images from Cabmaster.I ran this software for a year before i even purchased a CNC machine and it is still beneficial even if your just using it to get plans and cutting lists for a panel saw.The software itself is user friendly and quick to pick up and once you have it mastered you can produce plans and 3D renders in no time at all. I can honestly say it's the best investment our business has ever made.Shannan and the support staff for Cabmaster are always easy to get hold of and have no problems answering any questions you may have. I have no issues recommending their software and would happily talk with anyone thinking of purchasing the program.

Shane Dunemann

Bells Creek QLD

Thanks for your help and everything you have done to get our company in a great postion for the near future.I was defiantly wrong when I thought your program didn’t have as many feature as the last program I used (3D Kitchen). Thinking a large library with 500 cupboard would help me more than a program with a library with 100+ cupboards that you can alter in 10 different ways to get the finish product you want. It  makes it a lot easier way to get the job done fast and efficient. Cabmaster is taking myself half the time to draw a kitchen than what it was to draw one on 3D kitchen. Also the great help of the support team has never been able to unanswer one of my question.Once again I like to thank you and your team for everything you have done.GREAT PROGRAM!!!!!!

Steve Hatchman

Caboolture QLD

After many years of using 3d kitchen, then upgrading to cabinet vision, we were still having issues that should not exist from high end software. The decision to purchase Cabmaster was the best we have ever made. Before now, Not only did we waste valuable time, money and still be stuck with software that couldn’t do it all, it was so frustrating having software that was problematic, hard to use, time consuming and just couldn’t deliver the ease of use and perfection we now have with Cabmaster. We have already doubled our production in designing and manufacturing. Staff training on the program is quick and easy and best of all the software is Australian made, to Australian standards of cabinetmaking with fantastic tech support. I wish i knew about cabmaster 7 years ago, i can only imagine we would be even further ahead of where we are now. It is seriously a no brainer, a must have and the key thing to making money in a highly productive and competitive industry.

Ben Schulte

Tweed Heads NSW

We have had the CabMaster software for over 3 months now and are extremely happy with our choice. CabMaster software is easy to use, and has lots of unique and helpful features. In my opinion CabMaster has the most comprehensive library with Australian construction methods in mind.

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